The game was called

The Denver Nuggets are my number one hoops team; They belong to the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association.

The Denver Nuggets have been around for a long time, then i have been a fan since I was a young kid, then my Dad as well as dad bought me a Denver Nuggets Jersey when I was 2 years old.

I wore that Jersey everyday until it no longer fit my body. My friend as well as I got tickets to see the Denver Nuggets last Wednesday. They were supposed to play the Clippers at home. I was absolutely gleeful for the game. I went to a recreational marijuana dispensary to opening up a current disposable vape pen. My old vape pen battery was dead, although I wasn’t certain that I wanted a brand current battery. I decided to opening up a disposable vape pen instead. My friends picked up some edibles! Edibles don’t do anything to me since I regularly use cannabis products, but on our way to the game, will you put the radio on so both of us could listen to the beginning of the game. Every one of us were about 15 minutes away from the arena when both of us found out that the game had to be cancelled. There was a crucial outsplit of covid-19 on the other team as well as there was no way to play the game safely. I was super bummed out when I found out that the game wasn’t going to happen. My friends as well as I went to a bar instead as well as watched a single of the other NBA games from that evening. The whole league was talking about the canceled Denver game.

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