I'm a very big hockey guy

My partner & I are sizable hockey fans; That is why when his work moved him to Canada I wasn’t too bummed, sure, the weather is pretty darn chilly & there isn’t much to do, but hockey is a sizable deal in Canada.

  • Sadly none of the Canadian teams have been doing entirely good.

Their run for the Stanley Cup has been short & lackluster. That is okay with me, i love that the fans are into the activity & entirely support the game. It isn’t unproper to see crowds of people outside the rink all with jerseys on drinking booze & having a fun time, then my partner & I live in Whitby, Ontario right now. The people I was with and I are about 45 minutes away from the Toronto Maple Leaves team, then our colors are now green & white. My partner & I go to every game every one of us can. It is fun getting dressed up, boozing at the game & spending the night in a hotel. It is something every one of us do at least once a month during hockey season. It is also snagging some legal cannabis while every one of us are there too. My partner & I both prefer smoking over drinking beer. I don’t love to be too stoned during the game. It is actually fun after the celebration though. Sometimes I take a few edibles & I love them on the walk back to the hotel. It makes for a pretty wild & fun evening for us. Sometimes I even Spring for a nice room so our partner & I can entirely love our evening.

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