San Fransisco and the legal cannabis

One of my number one Winter time activities is going camping by the beach. I enjoy the beaches of California. They look so much odd than the beaches on the east coast. There are a couple of areas near San Francisco where you can genuinely pitch a tent on the beach. My bestie plus I decided to go to one of these San Francisco Parks last weekend. The weather forecast was cool temperatures, but all of us still expected 50s at night. We packed more than one blankets along with our sleeping bags plus plenty of batteries for the flashlights. We also brought marijuana supplies from a San Francisco dispensary, however as soon as all of us got to the beach, all of us set up our tent plus our sleeping bags. It was genuinely windy outside plus almost impossible to light a marijuana joint. We decided to climb inside of the tent. We smoked the whole marijuana joint as the sunshine was going down; By the time all of us came out of the tent, the sky was dark plus the only thing all of us could see were stars. The pre-rolled marijuana joint from the San Francisco dispensary was a absolutely unbelievable hybrid blend. I think it was called girl scout cookies or cookies plus milk. My bestie plus I spent the next couple of minutes walking around the beach in the moonlight. I would have spent a minute night on the beach, but the park was filled up plus all of us only had reservations for one night. We went back to the city the next afternoon with hundreds of pictures to load into our computer.
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