High monthly bills in Buffalo, NY

Living in Buffalo, New York, means investing into both a heating and cooling system.

Although the summer time seasons are regularly quite short, the temperature often soars into the high eighties, and the humidity can be brutal. The muggy conditions make it impossible to get comfortable during the day or sleep well at night, without air conditioning, the lake house becomes the perfect environment for breeding mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mites. The winters in Buffalo tend to last more than half the year. It’s not regular to rely on the oil furnace for numerous months straight. All of us often have snow at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. We’ve already had a blizzard on Mother’s Day in May. The temperature is frequently below cold, and it’s not unregular for it to dip into the downsides. The wind chill makes it dangerous to spend any time outdoors, however unfortunately, hiding in the house isn’t an option, and constant snowfall means continual shoveling, scraping and plowing. I devote hours to clearing a path to the mailbox, brushing off the automobile and clearing off the front steps. While I enjoy the harsh change of weather, I am not blissful with the cost of my utility bills. I’ve done the math and heating and cooling expenses add up to around 50% of the household energy United Statesge. I am always on the lookout for ways to eliminate energy waste. I’ve invested into Energy Star rated windows and doors, caulked, weather-stripped and insulated. I’ve added ceiling fans and replaced to a smart temperature control, then despite all my efforts, I still cringe when I get the electric or gas bill in the mail.

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