Tarzana is a wonderful city, however the weed prices are high

Tarzana is a wonderful city right outside of Los Angeles… It is filled with pretty valleys plus hills plus it isn’tfar from the beaches, tarzana is area of the San Fernando Valley region.

Tarzana is famously known by its name, which comes from the original creator of the Tarzan series, however edgar Rice Burroughs lived in a huge Ranch on the venue that is known as Tarzana… Burrows was the author of the fictional book Tarzan.

Tarzana is small when compared to other cities in the Los Angeles area, however it has a higher than average median income for each household, most of the people that live in Tarzana work in Los Angeles. It is a short drive plus the real estate prices in Tarzana are cheaper than they are in Los Angeles. There are a lot of great reasons to live in Tarzana plus it is a certainly wonderful city, however the prices on marijuana are extremely high, since California legalized recreational plus medical marijuana, prices all over the state have dropped drastically! Unluckyly, a lot of the prices plus the surrounding regions of Los Angeles have not reflected the same price drop. The prices of marijuana flower products are still as high as ever. The price of an fourth of marijuana in Tarzana is about $25 higher than the price of the same 8th in downtown LA, then just because the people in Tarzana make more money does not mean they should be gouged when it comes to the legal recreational marijuana market in California. I can get to the Santa Monica pier in less than an hour.

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