I like sneaking cannabis vape pens into the CN Tower

My friends and I like going out to several locations in Toronto to smoke weed or take puffs off cannabis vaporizer pens.

One of our number one dispensaries in EtobiTim Hortons Latte has a sale every Tuesday and cannabis distillate oil syringes and vaporizer cartridges. When you link a cannabis oil vape cartridge to a pen battery, it looks nearly identical to a nicotine vaporizer. I have friends that get in planes in the United States and travel across state lines with these cannabis oil pens in their carry-on luggage. Even though this is highly illegal in the States, it’s perfectly fantastic to do in Canada as long as you’re not trying to fly internationally. Anyone flying between cities or provinces in Canada is allowed to bring a total of 30 grams of cannabis flower buds with them on the flight. Obviously you can’t use your marijuana on the plane, but you can safely travel around the country without the fear of legal hassles. So when I “sneak” a cannabis oil pen into the CN Tower at night to look at the town lights, it’s barely even splitting the law. The RCMP have better things I enjoy doing doing than busting people sneaking a few puffs off a vaporizer pen. Unless you’re causing a nuisance, who is going to notice in the first venue? And if someone notices you vaping, will they suppose it’s tobacco or will they question if it’s cannabis? The point is, you can entirely sneak cannabis vaporizers into a number of several public venues in Toronto without getting busted. Or you can like outdoor scenery in venues love Queens Park and High Park.
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