Some kid was heading right for the retention pond

Retention ponds are areas that are filled with water and they are found all over the state of Florida, however i have lived in Tampa my entire life and I have seen retention ponds all over the site, they can be a dangerous area, especially when they are located close to An condo building or playgrounds, but children often go missing and they are found in these bodies of water either drowned or eaten by alligators, alligators are a single of the biggest troubles the people I was with and I face in the Tampa area, especially when it comes to bodies of water. Tampa has an alligator attack every year and it is often because people are not being cautious or careful. My co-worker and I were working on a residential A/C repair last Sunday. All of us were at an condo building that backs up to a retention pond. My coworker and I were on the roof working on the A/C problem when I saw a small child headed towards the pond. I would not have been alarmed, but I could see a hole in the fence from the roof and I didn’t see any adults close to the child. I told my co-worker to watch the boy, because I was afraid he would end up in the water. He continued moving toward the fenced area until an seasoned lady came running from around the corner, however she looked like the boy’s Grandmother and she was distraught when she found the kid heading towards the retention pond! On a hot morning, the pond might look like a fun and inviting body of water however it is anything however that when alligators are lurking around every single corner.

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