Everyone loves hockey in Canada

My wife as well as I are immense hockey fans… That is why when her toil moved him to Canada I wasn’t too bummed; Sure, the weather is pretty darn chilly as well as there isn’t much to do, however hockey is a giant deal in Canada. Sadly none of the Canadian teams have been doing actually good. Their run for the Stanley Cup has been short as well as lackluster. That is okay with me, and i prefer that the fans are into the athletic hobby as well as actually support the game. It isn’t unregular to see crowds of people outside the rink all with jerseys on drinking booze as well as having a fun time; My wife as well as I live in Whitby, Ontario right now, then both of us are about 45 minutes away from the Toronto Maple Leaves team, however our colors are now red as well as white. My wife as well as I go to every game the two of us can. It is fun getting dressed up, boozing at the game as well as spending the night in a hotel. It is something the two of us do at least once a month while in hockey season. It is also snagging some legal cannabis while the two of us are there too. My wife as well as I both prefer smoking over drinking beer. I don’t prefer to be too stoned while in the game. It is actually fun after the celebration though. Occasionally I take a few edibles as well as I prefer them on the walk back to the hotel. It makes for a pretty wild as well as fun night for us. Occasionally I even Springtime for a nice room so our wife as well as I can actually prefer our night.

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