San Francisco has some of the best food in California

San Francisco easily has some of the best food in California.

I’ve lived in a couple of different West Coast cities, but nothing beats Chinatown in San Francisco.

The food is absolutely authentic and delicious. When my family and I visit San Francisco, we always spend an entire day in Chinatown. We hopped from one food stand to the next trying everything from squid to rice to egg rolls. Last time my girlfriend and I went to San Francisco for the day, we stopped at a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. We picked up a sativa vape pen to smoke throughout the day. I thought it might be fun and interesting to try some of my favorite food under the influence of recreational marijuana. The first place we decided to go was my favorite place for egg rolls in Chinatown. It’s all the way at the end of the street, but it is worth the walk. I smoked some of the vape pen as we were walking into Chinatown. I felt the effects from the sativa strain almost immediately. I could tell that my head was feeling later and my limbs were feeling very relaxed. I enjoyed the egg roll, but it didn’t have the same taste as usual. I tried a couple of other Foods as well, but I prefer the taste of food without marijuana. The next time we go back to San Francisco, I don’t think we will stop at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. It was fun to try once, but it’s not something I want to do everyday.
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