I do really like San Fransisco

Homelessness is a problem that plagues the Bay Area! The areas outside of San Francisco have 1 of the greatest concentrations of homeless people… I was homeless for 2 years after I moved out west.

I lost my job and I didn’t want to transfer back home.

I knew my mom and dad would know I failed and I didn’t want to prove them right. I lived in a tent outside of San Francisco for 20 months. The weather is pretty nice throughout the entire year. It could have been worse. I found a job and a permanent arena to set up my tent. I found an seasoned bike and I rode the bicycle to work every day and every day. It took a long time, however I had a lot of help from friends… During the time I was homeless, I made a lot of friends on the road. I typically had people coming by to supply me marijuana. That was definitely something that was difficult to get and I typically loved when someone brought marijuana supplies, one young guy in certain came to see me every time he made a trip to the cannabis dispensary in San Francisco; He typically brought me a pre-roll on the way back to his apartment. It was never something that was high-priced, however I typically loved the gesture. It was nice to have people want to help out. The journey would have been much more hard if I wouldn’t have had any stability at all; A full time job and a couple friends that I could trust made a sizable difference.

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