The bay area is awesome

San Francisco is a single of the prettiest cities in the state of California.

I lived in the bay section for 20 years of my life! Since the day I moved, I have longed to go back, my fiance & I used to spend a lot of time in San Francisco! Both of us lived right outside of the city.

On weekends, the two of us made the decision to go to the wharf, beach, or the bay. Occasionally the two of us made the decision to go to the theater or the art gallery. There was consistently something going on in downtown San Francisco, and when my fiance got transferred for work, I was devastated. I didn’t want to leave the city. I was enjoying all of the fun activities, including the use of recreational cannabis. I smoked a little bit of weed each weekend & periodically throughout the week. My hubby didn’t mind since it was legal. He did not join myself and others for recreational cannabis due to the limitations from his job. He could have been randomly drug inspected at any time. The locale where the two of us moved does not have recreational Cannabis. It’s not simple to find either. Believe me, I’ve tried to find enjoyable quality tree & it’s impossible, however you have to have a dentist’s note or prescription to go to a medical dispensary & the prices are entirely twice as much as I was paying in San Francisco. My fiance promised that the two of us will go back to San Francisco after he retires, but that’s not for another 10 years. I sincerely suppose like I left a piece of my heart & soul in that town & I suppose a loss since the two of us left.

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