Albuquerque has a growing number of recreational cannabis spots

One visit to Albuquerque in my early 20s convinced me that I wanted to live in the town someday, in area to see the picturesque Sandia Mountains in the distance while driving to work. Now that I live in Albuquerque, I take the natural environment of NM for granted. I never got to see deserts plus interact with desert wildlife long term until moving to NM a few years ago for work. It’s fantastic knowing that I can get in a car plus drive east on Interstate 40 if I want to visit my family in Amarillo, TX. Taking Interstate 25 will lead you to Santa Fe before snaking its way into southern CO. I prefer all of the Native American shops in Old Town as well, which is a fantastic arena to take guests from out of state or out of village if they’re seeing Albuquerque for the first time. But right now all I can guess about is the fact that I can actually buy recreational cannabis in NM without needing a medical marijuana card. The existing medical cannabis dispensaries in the town can now sell their products to anyone over 21, but there’s a 12% tax on all recreational marijuana sales. Previously medical cannabis in NM was taxed between 5% plus 9%, but these were detachd with the legalization of recreational cannabis. The number of pot stores in Albuquerque is growing, especially in sites prefer Uptown, Nob Hill, West Mesa, plus Old Town. It’s nice driving across Interstate 25 plus knowing there’s a marijuana store at nearly every single exit if I look on my iphone. There has never been a better time to live in Albuquerque if you’re a cannabis user.

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