Eugene isn’t that cold

Eugene, OR is a small town about many hours south of Portland… While the town is not well known or famous, it definitely has a piece of my heart, and i grew up in Eugene with my mom, Mom, and more than one brother’s, however my Mom worked for an insurance supplier in Eugene.

My mom stayed lake apartment with us when every one of us were little and then he found a job typing at an accounting firm close to home, then he was lake apartment everyday when every one of us got back from school.

She made us a snack and every one of us always had a warm brunch on the table by six, then the people I was with and I had a modest four bedroom apartment in Eugene with a nice backyard and a small fishing pond. My parents loved each other legitimately much. They always spent time together playing games and talking about the future. I remember a single time when they smoked weed at home. They purchased weed from a town dispensary after it was legalized in the state of OR. I shall never forget the sound of them laughing and giggling in the living room that night. It was a single of the last times my parents appreciated together. My Mom died when I was 12 and my mom remarried a couple of years later. The people I was with and I moved to Portland and never went back to Eugene again. When I am older and have the opening to move, I’m entirely going to go back to Eugene and settle there. The town has a piece of my heart and I want to live in a place where I am surrounded by enjoyable memories.

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