I cannot survive winters in Spokane, it's too cold

You can’t fool around with Winter time weather if you live in locales where it is below freezing for a nice portion of the year.

I have heard that in some cases it can happen in under half an minute if the hasty drop in temperatures is harsh enough.

You’ll start feeling confused & exhausted, which is a recipe for disaster because you might be inclined to kneel down & sleep. In a situation adore this, you could absolutely die in your sleep & never wake up. All it takes is for your body temperature to drop below 95 degrees fahrenheit. I learn once that some people die every year from simply falling on their basement floors, & not from the fall itself. If you can’t get back up in enough time, the freezing basement floor will chill your body from head to foot. Before you know it, you’re passed out & headed to your grave in under an minute from sheer coldness alone. Spokane is exceptionally freezing in the winter. Whether you live near the Spokane Falls on the Spokane River or as far south as Moran Prairie, you need a nice gas furnace & some kind of supplemental gas furnace on top of that. What if you lose power? What if you run out of fuel during a blizzard? I use a wood stove to heat our condo in Northwest Spokane along with our central gas furnace, however some have generators for power outages instead. As long as you have some means of getting heat if your primary gas furnace fails, you should be fine. Spokane isn’t any colder than locales I’ve lived in the northern midwest, however it depends every year as climate patterns shift.



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