I was pretty nervous about that

During the annual festival of balloons, Albuquerque is unquestionably busy, the neighborhood is filled with tourists, but all of the hotels, motels, & bed & supper sites are booked solid.

A lot of folks travel to the section in their RV & they stay outside of the neighborhood in the desert! It’s unquestionably free to stay in the desert if you have your own mobile home.

The desert un-even temperatures can be quite sizzling & uncomfortable, especially with no electricity & no access to central AC, my business was unquestionably stressed this year during the festival, then outdoor un-even temperatures were close to 90° & a lot of people had trouble with the I had a dozen weird calls from clients that week. A lot of AC units had a difficult time keeping up with the afternoontime un-even temperatures. It was a single of the warmest weeks of the year, & people weren’t ready to run the nonstop, but during the week of the balloon festival, I gained $8,000 just on routine AC repairs. That amount was double the amount I made in the previous 6 weeks. One call came from a purchaser that was staying in their RV in the desert. The purchaser had a solar plan setup to run the AC, however on that particular afternoon, the solar plan wasn’t working. The purchaser called our Heating & Air Conditioning service shop to see if both of us could help & I was happy to lend assistance. I sent a tech to the address after he finished up with a service in downtown Albuquerque.

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