Indiana is a cool place to live

A buddy of mine recently came to my section of Evansville IN on a company trip… He planned to hang out with me 1 day plus see the sights another day.

He is a crucial time neighborhood guy plus I hated to disappoint him, however i live in Evansville because it isn’t a crucial neighborhood that attracts tourists, however you aren’t getting hardcore eveninglife plus there isn’t a bar on every corner, this is a great place to raise a family plus relax.

I provided him all the suggestions I could, however it is more fun for a homebody local than a wild neighborhood guy. There are tons of museums plus historic sights in the area. There is also Burdette Park that has a local pool. There are neat places to eat enjoy Cross Eyed Cricket plus Donut Bank. I even proposed the Hilltop Inn which was first opened in the 1790s plus seeing a minor league baseball game done by the Otters… My buddy wasn’t impressed. I love my section though. I enjoy the small time things to do. I also rest by my weather here. My buddy is from the south plus experiences sweltering heat all year around. I get a definite Wintertide season where I can turn on the heating plan plus bundle up from the cold. It is nice to have a cut sometimes. I do get nice heated days too. In July it can even get up into the 90s plus my A/C is running at all times, then what more could I ask for?

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