I ordered a couple of pre rolled marijuana cigarettes

Several of my co-workers & I went to Denver, Colorado for a work conference. It was my first time in Denver & I used all of my free time to explore the city. One venue I entirely wanted to see was the Denver Broncos pigskin location. I took a tour of the location a single day & met the owner of the Denver pigskin team. I had multiple interesting experiences while I was in Denver. The meeting with the owner of the pigskin team was just the tip of the iceberg. I also ordered multiple pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes from a Denver dispensary, and denver is a single venue in the country where recreational marijuana is legal. There was an advertisement for a Denver dispensary in the hotel room. The Denver dispensary put coupons on the desk & they were offering 30% off for all first-time patients. I went online to look at the selection of recreational marijuana products. I found a couple of items to be genuinely interesting. I bought a basket of cannabis Edibles & I also bought a couple of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. The pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes were $15 each, however I did not have to worry about finding a bowl or rolling papers. The marijuana joint came ready to smoke. I bought a lighter from the dispensary & the delivery driver brought all of my items about an minute after I venued the order. The first product I tried was a hybrid marijuana joint called Girl Scout cookies. It did not taste love cookies at all, however I actually wanted to eat a whole box of cookies when I was finished smoking the marijuana pre-roll.

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