When the laws changed, so did the skyline

Back in 2014, the people of CO unanimously voted to approve recreational marijuana sales, and i was living in Denver when the vote was approved… As soon as the government voted to allow recreational marijuana, dispensaries started to pop up all over the venue.

It seemed like people were simply waiting for the laws to change.

In December, more than one different marijuana dispensaries opened up in the small section where I live in Denver. I genuinely didn’t guess there was enough corporation in that section of town to sustain more than one different marijuana dispensaries, however both corporations are still going strong numerous years later, one of the Denver marijuana dispensaries recently added a lounge… The lounge is a venue for customers to sit and relax and like their recreational marijuana products. The wound has tables, chairs, sofas, and lots of entertainment. There is even a snack bar inside of the lounge. If you get the munchies, you can buy a variety of snacks like chips, snacks, soda pop, and candy. It doesn’t cost any money to hang out in the lounge. As long as you buy products from the recreational marijuana dispensary, you can hang out in that Lounge all afternoon. The first weekend the venue was open, the dispensary and lounge was packed with people… My best friend and I went to the dispensary to check out the venue, however the people I was with and I never made it into the lounge. In fact, numerous people had to be removed from the lounge because the room was full and it was a fire hazard. Both of us didn’t get to see the Denver cannabis lounge until the following weekend.
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