The music scene in Eugene and why it's cool

As a teenager I started a rock band with some of my friends, this being OR, of course the two of us focused on grunge rock, but it’s tough to say if the two of us were bad, or just not loved in our small town; At the time, the two of us thought the two of us were pretty good, so the two of us decided to leave city as well as transfer somewhere larger.

The nearest city of any size was Eugene, so the two of us moved there with a plan to play some gigs, put together some money, as well as then transfer to the much-larger neighborhood of Portland.

Things never played out savor that, as well as the two of us never absolutely left Eugene, OR, which remains my current home to this actually morning! When the two of us first got here I took a area time job in one of the several cannabis dispensaries in Eugene, as a way to pay the bills, finding a gig playing music in Eugene is not difficult, with all the bars as well as places to go at evening, but some of the Euegene cannabis dispensaries even host live music sometimes, which the two of us took advantage of a few times. That said, if you want to get paid real money to play music, then Eugene is not a good place to start your job. After a few weeks the other members of the band moved to Portland, although I liked my cannabis dispensary job, so I stayed put in Eugene. I still play music, mostly on open mic evenings at the cannabis dispensary where I still work. Eugene is a nice place to live, as well as good place to get your cannabis, but not a good place to rock.

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