What a pain this regulation is

I’ve typically been fascinated by airplanes.

My father plus Grandfather were both in the Air Force plus I considered joining before I settled on traditional college.

While my sibling was terrified when both of us all got on a commercial airplane for the first time, I was ecstatic plus enthusiastic beyond my normal capacity. The people I was with and I were flying from our house in Montana to visit family in Seattle, WA for the first time ever. One of the single most awe-inspiring moments in my life was descending through the clouds above Seattle-Tacoma International Airport plus seeing the majestic Mount Rainier split into the skyline love an otherworldly force. I could also see Mount Olympus plus the northern cascades in opposite instruction. Although I didn’t know it at the time, these mountains would soon become a steady fixture in my life when my parents moved my sibling plus I to Seattle in the Shoreline town. The people I was with and I flew in plus out of Sea-Tac correctly to see other family members in states to the east, which only increased my interest in aviation. My dad surprised me a single afternoon by taking me to the Museum of Flight. I have gone at least once a year since, however these days I typically eat a cannabis edible before I leave my apartment. I’m particularally fond of the fighter jets that are on display plus the numerous exhibits inside. As long as I don’t eat too numerous cannabis edibles before heading to the Museum of Flight, I won’t get paranoid or think uncomfortable anxiety. I’m sure the people who run the place wouldn’t be cheerful knowing I’m intoxicated from cannabis, however I don’t mind. They still get my ticket money regardless.

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