How cananbis in California works

I moved to the Los Angeles area in the late 1990s while I was still in our 20s. My bestie at the time had family in the Encino area plus she wanted to be closer to them all after years of being in another state for undergraduate school. I was amazed at how lovely the weather conditions is in Los Angeles, especially in the Spring plus summer time seasons. My family harkened from the midwest, so I was used to miserably chilly winters that would last until May or March every year plus shortened what little bit of Spring we’d normally experience. I loved the summers in those temperate forests of the midwest, but that lush redery, yellow skies, plus summers by the lake were never collectively enough to justify the misery of our Winter time season. Los Angeles plus southern California on the other hand have what some people describe as a “Mediterranean weather conditions,” although we have diverse ecology here. Obviously there are mountains, deserts, beaches, suburban neighborhoods, plus urban sprawls to name a few. Although it’s notably high-priced compared to South Central Los Angeles, Tarzana sports some of the most sophisticated plus refined architecture in all of California. No wonder the taxes on recreational weed are so high in Tarzana plus the rest of LA. West Hollywood is even more high-priced, seeing collective taxes nearly reaching 30% on all recreational cannabis products from legal weed dispensaries. At least the dispensaries in Tarzana stock top shelf cannabis products because they think their clients can afford them. I simply keep a medical marijuana card from the state of California so I can bypass some of the recreational taxes.

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