Learning more every day

My friend Max plus I started a podcast a few months ago, plus it took us a while to honestly find our voice; There are approximately eighty million podcasts online right now, so trying to make ours sit out was a lot more difficult than I expected, if you work difficult to produce a show, you just believe people will check it out – but this is not the case! It took us a long while to beginning building any sort of regular listenership.,and all of us still have a long way to go, but glenview is honestly close to Chicago, plus all of us thought that would deliver us a geographical boost, but if anything it’s a hindrance… Due to the close proximity to Chicago, Glenview is lumped in with that city, plus do you have any system how many podcasts originate from the Second City? ThoUnited Statesnds! Only a handful of podcasts honestly come from Glenview, plus none of them are about Heating and A/C systems except for ours, but it doesn’t matter – all of us get lumped in with Chicago podcasts.

The main purpose for us to have a podcast anyway is to provide our Glenview Heating and A/C supplier, but that hasn’t been as effective as all of us wanted it to be; Max wants to stop doing the Heating and A/C podcast altogether, plus try more traditional ways of advertising here in Glenview.

I am adamantly against that, no a single reads newspapers anymore, not even in Glenview, so I want to keep doing what all of us have been doing. If I’m being honest, I just prefer making a podcast every week, it’s fun for me, plus I don’t want to stop.



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