A boxing gym in Orland Park

My old man taught me how to box for self defense. He used to be an amateur fighter, so he definitely knew what he was doing! Dad never wanted me to get into fights, and he certainly didn’t want me to collect all the concussions he had endured in his time as a boxer. He just wanted to teach me to defend myself with my hands, knowing it might help me build my confidence in the future. Now that I am a father myself, I decided to continue his legacy and open up a small gym for local teens here in Orland Park. I run a small HVAC business to pay the bills, but the gym is where my passion lies. The teens of Orland Park need something positive they can focus on, something that helps their physical fitness, mental acuity, and maturity. I don’t train Orland park kids to be fighters, I train them in the art of boxing in the same way that martial arts experts run a dojo. It isn’t about competitions, or fighting, it’s about learning the craft, and the word is starting to spread around Orland Park. I have been asked to host fight cards, but honestly my hands are full with my HVAC business, and I just keep the gym open for the good of the community. There are a few local Orland Park retirees with boxing backgrounds who act as coaches and trainers to the kids. All I do is keep the doors open and the lights on, so the teens of Orland Park know they always have somewhere safe to go and train.

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