I was pretty busy this year during the annual festival of balloons

During the annual festival of balloons, Albuquerque is very busy. The city is filled with tourists. All of the hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast sites are booked solid. A lot of folks travel to the area in their RV and they stay outside of the city in the desert. It’s absolutely free to stay in the desert if you have your own mobile home. The desert temperatures can be quite hot and uncomfortable, especially with no electricity and no access to central AC. My company was very busy this year during the festival. Outdoor temperatures were close to 90° and a lot of people had trouble with the air conditioner. I had a dozen different calls from customers that week. A lot of AC units had a tough time keeping up with the daytime temperatures. It was one of the warmest weeks of the year, and people weren’t ready to run the air conditioner nonstop. During the week of the balloon festival, I earned $8,000 just on routine AC repairs. That amount was double the amount I made in the previous six weeks. One call came from a customer that was staying in their RV in the desert. The customer had a solar system setup to run the AC, but on that particular day, the solar system wasn’t working. The customer called my HVAC repair shop to see if we could help and I was happy to lend assistance. I sent a tech to the address after he finished up with a repair in downtown Albuquerque.

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