The CN Tower has an amazing view that is even crazier while on cannabis

Before I ever moved to Toronto and visited the majestic CN Tower, I lived in Seattle, Washington for a few years and saw the Space Needle almost daily during my commutes through the congested city.

Compared to the mighty CN Tower of Toronto, Seattle’s Space Needle is only 184 meters high.

By contrast, the CN Tower is not only 553 meters high, but it was once the tallest freestanding structure on Earth and now is the 9th. It’s amazing to think that so many of the buildings on that list were built in the last 20 years, but the CN Tower is still the tallest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere. Unfortunately, one of my first visits at the CN Tower after moving to Toronto led to a terrible bout of vertigo. When we got up to one of the observation decks, the cannabis edible I had consumed an hour prior was starting to kick in. Unfortunately, the effects were much stronger than I was expecting. I learned later that I had inadvertently consumed over 200mg of THC, but I didn’t know it at the time. I thought the dizziness and nausea were simply from the vertigo, but the THC in my system was definitely making matters worse. It took me a few years to muster the courage to visit the CN Tower again, because that night I literally fainted when I looked out the window of the observation deck at 447 meters in the air. My friend managed to revive me without needing to call a medic and we promptly exited the massive building.

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