The day was even longer after the car broke down

My sister and I drove all the way to San Francisco so we could go to a rock and roll concert.

My mom and dad didn’t want us to drive to San Francisco, because it was a three-hour drive. My sister and I were determined to show our independence. We were old enough to drive and that made us feel invincible. We went to the concert and a couple of people were using recreational marijuana supplies. Recreational marijuana is legal in the state of California and easily found at any concert venue in San Francisco or the other cities around the state. My sister and I smoked recreational marijuana with some guys at the concert. We only smoked one marijuana joint, but we were totally baked. By the time the concert was over, my sister and I were both tired. Neither one of us wanted to drive home. When the car broke down in the parking lot, we felt a lot of different emotions. I was almost relieved that we didn’t have to drive home, but our dad wasn’t very happy that he had to drive three hours to fix the car and help us out. When my dad got to the venue, he jumped into the car to try the ignition. He smelled recreational marijuana and he asked my sister and I if we had been smoking. My sister and I both lied and said that we weren’t using recreational marijuana products at the concert. I’m not sure if our dad believed our lives or not, but he didn’t say anything else about the pungent aroma in the car.


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