I would like to open a dispensary in Las Vegas

My first job was in a casino.

I was a busboy in one of the restaurants attached to the casino.

I have to say the tips were great! Two years later I was working in the casino itself, in the back room changing out chips for cash. Slowly I worked my way up to being a dealer, and after that my career really took off. I became excellent at dealing cards, in all the little ways that most people never think about, and after a while I developed a reputation all through the casinos of Las Vegas that I was a dealer you could trust. I never drank or used drugs, I was honest, but fast, and other than smoking cannabis I had no bad habits. Las Vegas is a very friendly town when it comes to cannabis, but still it is not allowed to get high at work. Smoking pot slows my reflexes anyway, so I never get high before going to work. Thankfully the city of Las Vegas thrives at night, so I can work until dawn, and then get high all day before grabbing a few hours of sleep and doing it again. I will not be able to keep up with Las Vegas for more than a few years, so I am working my butt off and making all the money I can right now. As much as I enjoy cannabis, I will have the rest of my life to enjoy it. In fact, when I retire from cards I may open up a dispensary right here in Las Vegas.



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