Portland is a great city

I spend a lot of time on the west coast for work, then i often joke and say that Portland is our house away from home. I have an home close to the water and our supplier pays the rent, but last year after 6 months of traveling from the east coast to Portland, I told the corporate office that I was sick of living out of a hotel. I demanded a lease on an apartment, so I had a location to call home, however the previous year, I spent 274 afternoons in Portland. That was far more than the afternoons that I spent at our house residence. I was ecstatic when the business board executives agreed to our demands. I am the only woman that has a key to the location and I leave many items there so the home feels like home, but and there is a picture of our girlfriend and our dog. There are suits and ties and a whole set of socks, underwear, and undershirts in the closet… One of our number one things about Portland is the legal recreational marijuana laws. Legal recreational marijuana is 1 of the only reasons why I continue to travel back and forth from Portland. While I am in Portland, I can enjoy all of the perks of living in a state with legal recreational marijuana; During the time I am at home, I do without and it is genuinely difficult. If I could figure out a way to talk our girlfriend into moving across the country, Portland is the location where I would prefer to live.

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