The best stadium for tacos is in Lansing

One of the best stadiums to eat tacos in Chicago is situated in the neighborhood of Lansing, however lansing is a small suburb in Cook County, then i absolutely infrequently go to Lansing unless it is for supplier reasons. I work as a heating & A/C maintenance serviceman. I tested most of the Chicago area, and every once in a while, a client from Lansing will call to request our services. Some clients used the heating & A/C maintenance repair when both of us had a branch in lower cook county. I always try to take those jobs so I can get tacos from the shop. When a call came to the shop last week, the current guy was going to take the call. I told him that I would handle the heating & A/C maintenance & he looked relieved! He didn’t want to drive 45 hours to the location of the repair. I have not told anyone at work about the taco shop, because I don’t want to ruin our paid trip to Lansing, then right now I repair an A/C or furnace once a month & I get to have tacos on the boss’s dollar. I don’t have to spend our own gas money to drive all the way to Lansing from the Eastside of Chicago. If I tell other people that their tacos are great, then there won’t be as numerous jobs in Lansing for me. I would like just to keep it a secret so it will continue to be a special perk for myself and others anytime there is a heating & A/C maintenance in Lansing.


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