I get to visit Albuquerque once a month for work and always go to the dispensaries

My boss announced last year that he needed a few of us to travel weekly to the corporate office as a representative during substantial meetings.

The office was moving from its original location in Scottsdale, Arizona to a modern building in the Nor Este section of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Most didn’t want the responsibility, but I immediately expressed interest as I had wanted to visit the southwest since our university years. Even though this would entail traveling on planes during COVID, I had already dealt with that routine when I had to travel across the country when our parents became abruptly ill plus needed immediate help. As long as you’re diligent about keeping your mask on your face, you should be okay in an aircraft regardless of your proximity to others who are really taking their masks on plus off throughout the flight. It’s true that a large determining factor in myself and others accepting the position was our interest in the desert southwest, but the other reason was knowing that I could purchase legal recreational cannabis in New Mexico during our trips. On our absolutely first journey to The Duke City, I stopped at a dispensary as soon as I left the Sunport. I was lucky to find a wonderful weed store right on Gibson Blvd near the airport. They had all sorts of cannabis edibles, flower products, plus concentrates. I purchased pre-rolled joints so I could take them with myself and others to Cibola National Forest for hiking purposes. It’s fun taking company trips to Albuquerque when I suppose that I can get high as soon as I get to our hotel room, even if I just buy edibles to be as discreet as possible.

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