The birdie came out of nowhere

I was on my way new home from work on Tuesday plus a birdie came out of nowhere plus flew into my windshield… I work in Oakland, despite the fact that I live south of San Francisco.

I have to take the 874 around the town in order to save some time in traffic. I was in a lot of traffic when the birdie hit my windshield. I was caught off-guard plus everything happened suddenly, however when the birdie hit my windshield, I slammed on the brakes plus the car behind me hit my bumper plus tail light! The man called the insurance supplier plus the police. It was his fault that he hit my car, and he was apparently traveling wait till close on the highway. When the San Francisco County police officer arrived, the first thing the guy did was look at me. He saw a young guy in a beat-up car plus he automatically assumed that the fault was with me. I told the San Francisco County officer that a birdie ran into my windshield plus the guy laughed. He asked me for my license plus my registration. The forms were inside of the glove compartment with a tote of marijuana. The officer saw the marijuana plus decided that I was under the influence, but even though marijuana is legal in San Francisco, plus the state of California, the officer was trying to supply me a taxing time. He even threatened me with jail time if I didn’t tell the truth about the accident. I was in quite a squash until another guy stepped up as a witness plus claimed to see the large birdie swooping down on my car.
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