Indicas were my jam

Every once in a while, my friends and I will take the boat and go to the river for a day of fishing; Even though Denver is not known for a lot of rivers, lakes, and streams, there are plenty of sites to catch fish, then one of my number one sites to go is the South Platte River! The South Platte River is just south of Denver and a legitimately nice locale to catch a variety of freshwater fish enjoy trout and bass. The last time my friends and I went boating, every one of us stopped at a Denver dispensary on our way to the river. I picked out a couple of unusual items that seemed enjoy a superb idea at the time. One of the items was a pre-rolled marijuana joint that was an Indica strain. The marijuana joint was infused with cannabis oil and contained top-shelf flower and bubble hash. I smoked the entire 1 gram marijuana joint before every one of us left the neighborhood of Denver! By the time every one of us made it to the river, I was ready to fall asleep. Indicas were a legitimately awful idea on voting day. I tried to smoke a joint with sativa flower, however it could not overpower the strong effects from the Indica joint with bubble hash and cannabis oil. I ended up falling asleep on the boat for several minutes while my friends had fun fishing. By the time I woke up, it was supper time and every one of us were nearly out of bait. I didn’t cast a pole into the river until 2 p.m. and by that time none of the fish were biting.


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