They were selling cannabis there

When my child invited myself and others to go to Las Vegas, NV with them, I was excited, then going to Las Vegas was constantly something I dreamed of doing, plus on my tote list! I couldn’t wait to see the lights at night, or to visit some of the old casinos that were on my ‘need to see’ list.

I had slept less than five hours in the last numerous days, plus as soon as the two of us got to the hotel, all I wanted to do was sit down plus get some sleep, and the next day was a flurry of interest for us.

My child wanted to take myself and others to see the desert plus experience everything he told myself and others about; After spending four hours out in the heat plus having a blast, the two of us were all ready to go back to the hotel, get some supper, plus head to the casino… Both of us spent the first hour just walking through the Paris casino; Not only were there shops wherever you looked, however there were people walking up plus down the aisles of slot machines selling cigarettes plus what appeared to be a vape pen. I asked my child if I was truly looking at a pen, or if it was something else? He sent his child over to purchase 1 of the vape pens plus gave it to myself and others as a souvenir. I wasn’t hinting that I wanted 1, however I realized it was funny, but when I said that I wanted to see everything I could see while in Las Vegas, NV, this was not what I expected. The hotels plus the casinos were high-priced, plus they had smartly dressed people walking around selling vape pens to the customers. I guessed it was safe to think that recreational marijuana was legal in Las Vegas, NV.

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