Both of us found a joint in the rental car

My sister plus I flew across the country to visit with our parents for a couple of days.

Mom plus Dad moved to San Francisco, California, about 5 years ago. I knew that our mom wanted to eventually retire plus live in California. I didn’t guess our parents would settle in San Francisco, it’s kind of an pricey locale to live. I entirely didn’t guess our mom plus dad had that category of money saved for their retirement. The first time the two of us went to visit, our mom plus Dad paid for our sister plus I to fly there, however both of us sat in the company class section. It wasn’t much strange than the coach section. It included one bin for free as well as a drink plus a bin of pretzels, and as soon as the two of us landed in San Francisco, our sister plus I went to the vehicle rental counter to chance up a four-door sedan. I paid for the rental car. My mom plus dad said the two of us didn’t need a car, however our sister plus I did not want to be stuck at their beach house with no way to go anywhere. The vehicle rental was only $23 a afternoon plus that price included taxes. The vehicle was a nice compact Ford with numerous doors plus space in the trunk for all of our luggage. I grabbed our bags first to put them in the trunk. I opened the last for the trunk plus inside of the vehicle I found a marijuana joint. It was still in the original packaging from the San Francisco marijuana dispensary. My sister plus I knew that they didn’t clean the vehicle unquestionably well after the last owners, however the two of us were happy to find a free marijuana joint.
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