HVAC in my home

I planned on doing a lot of work on our apartment after I moved in, however things have been put on the backburner.

I moved back to Albuquerque to be close to our elderly parents who need more help now than ever before.

They are in their early 80s and are both limited mobility at the moment. My initial plans were to stay in Florida for another more than five years before leaving for any modern location. I wanted to save enough money to buy a camper and no longer be tied to a apartment or an apartment. Although the venues to camp in Florida are fairly tepid and uncomfortable in the summer time weeks, it can be a great venue to hike in the outdoors when temperatures are cool from October until April. The last year I was in Florida we had temperatures down to chilly a few afternoons. But when our parents were both hospitalized and needed immediate help, I took what little money I had saved and moved back to our cabin neighborhood in Bernalillo County. I planned to leave if anything happened to our parents, even though I secured a great task and have been here since. Yesterday I had our heating and cooling serviceman install our brand modern heat pump while I spent a few hours hiking in the Sandia Mountains. Cibola National Forest has several trails and I’ve only traversed a small fraction of them so far. When our Heating and A/C serviceman was finished with the heat pump installation, he called myself and others on our smartphone and I returned cabin from our day hiking in Cibola National Forest along the foothills of the Sandia Mountains.



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