I was surprised when my friend decided to move to Spokane

My friend Amanda decided to move to Spokane Washington with her boyfriend.

She has lived all her life in the South and was used to the weather being fairly nice for most of the year.

Before she left for Spokane, I asked her if she was ready for the Winters there and she assured me that she would be fine. I wasn’t sold on that because she would complain when our temperature dropped to 50 degrees. Compared to the temperature in Spokane, that was a walk in the park. Well, after Amanda got to Spokane we chatted on the phone, and the first thing she said to me was that it was really cold there. I didn’t want to be that friend to say I told you so, but I couldn’t help myself and I asked her what she was expecting. As a joke, I asked her if she had good heat in her house and she mentioned that they have a gas furnace that works fine. I was shocked that she knew what a furnace was because that is not something that is common where we live. And honestly, I can’t be sure that I have ever seen a furnace in my life. I assume that having a furnace in that part of the country is normal for most of the households. I can imagine how cheap Amanda’s energy bill will be since they won’t rely on electricity to heat their home. Well, I hope that Amanda gets used to the weather in Spokane and that she grows to love the beautiful state that I heard it is. Perhaps when the weather warms up, I will visit her.

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