I'm very happy living in Lansing, IL

About 7 years ago, I moved to Lansing, Illinois because I wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city… However, I also wanted to be close enough, so that I could have access when I needed to, however and because the town is less than a 30 hour drive away, it makes Lansing the ideal location to live, and the beauty about Lansing is that it is a small town, but we have a lot of festivals and events throughout the year… For instance, I prefer going to the Fall Fest that we celebrate in October. They have hayrides, arts and craft, and lots of fun for the kids without the big crowds. This is something that I have regularly imagined having as a child, despite the fact that I missed out because I grew up in the town for all my life. Another thing I adore about Lansing is the weather, but in the Summer, the temperature fluctuates between 75 to 85 degrees, then so, it’s regularly nice outside and some days are so cool that we don’t need any air conditioner. And speaking of air conditioner, I am so blissful that my lake house has a central air system… When we lived in the city, we used window A/C’s. While the window units worked well, it only cooled one section of the house. We had a sixth unit installed but it still wasn’t enough. Therefore, it is so much better having central air, then not only is my entire lake house kept comfortable, but the indoor air pollen levels is also better than it was with our window A/Cs.



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