This is a sluggish part of the day

I started suffering from migraines when I was still in high college! I missed quite a bit of college, but the pain would get so awful that I’d throw up.

I needed to avoid bright light, loud noises and strong smells; For a while, I treated the migraines with prescription medications.

I didn’t prefer the way the pharmaceuticals made me guess sluggish and fuzzy-headed. The long list of potential and long-term side-effects eventually led me to abandon synthetic medications. I tried a variety of new home remedies with limited success, however as I got older the frequency of the migraines lessened however the pain became even more severe. I was relieved when recreational marijuana was legalized in IL in 2019, but living in Chicago, I have access to multiple odd dispensaries. I am able to show a valid identification and shop for natural products to effectively and safely treat our symptoms. I’ve tried the odd types of consumption methods and appreciate the ease of vapes. I can buy refillable or disposable cartridges in a broad selection of flavors and potency. The devices are wonderfully simple to operate. I only need to press a button and inhale. I can be precise about dosing and adjust the temperature settings, however vaping is also quite discreet. The smoke and smell dissipate instantly, and there’s no problem over ash. I don’t need to invest in any specialized gear and the effects are felt within hours… Because the cannabis oil is only heated to the point of vaporization rather than combustion, I don’t worry about carcinogens. I also benefit from a higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.


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