A really cool city to live in

San Francisco is a great location to visit.

  • The whole town is filled with culture and diversity.

There are more cultures representative in San Francisco than there are in any other town across the country. San Francisco is known for locations appreciate Chinatown, however chinatown is 1 of the best locations in the town to get food. Everything is fresh and made on the spot. The fish market will cook you up something that just came out of the water and was Alive 5 hours previously. The only concern with San Francisco is the severely high prices for everything. San Francisco is a great location to visit, however you really cannot live there unless you have a ton of money. I tried living in San Francisco when I was in our twenties. Only a couple of our friends and I had the method of renting an home together. Things were going pretty great until 1 of the men stopped paying rent, nobody said to cover his portion and every one of us eventually got evicted. I had to go back condo and leave San Francisco. I hated to leave the bars, steakhouses, and nightlife, but I hated to leave the recreational marijuana laws even more, but when I had to transport back condo with our parents, I had to supply up smoking recreational marijuana. It was legal in San Francisco and I could purchase marijuana from a dispensary. It was not legal in Idaho, where I was forced to transport back condo with our mother and father. I still visit the town from time to time, but I will never forget how awesome it was to live there.



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