The trip up to the northern part of Cali

We only spent enough money so the two of us had marijuana to get home.

My bestie and I decided to take a afternoon trip and the two of us drove all the way from San Diego up to the Bay Area; We stayed for a couple of afternoons in San Francisco, before the two of us headed back home, and there are a lot of differences between Southern and Northern CA, one of the largest differences is the weather conditions and un-even temperatures… Southern CA is mostly desert and the heat is legitimately unbearable and hot. The Bay Area marks the beginning of Northern CA, where the un-even temperatures are much cooler and the landscape and weather conditions is much different. There are also some big differences between the areas when it comes to marijuana; My bestie and I did not take enough marijuana when the two of us took our trip to San Francisco. We had to visit a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. The locale had a lot of products, but the prices were outrageous. They clearly we are trying to target the tourists and not the locals, and i suppose in this case, our bestie and I were tourists, even if the two of us were CA locals. We only spent enough money so the two of us had marijuana to get home. The trip to San Francisco was lovely and the drive back was just as nice, and honestly, the only thing the two of us did not savor about the trip were the high prices for marijuana and everything else in the city. We spent $50 on each meal and there were only numerous of us, and even while I was in lunch, the two of us spent a fortune. We went to a diner and had eggs and hashbrowns for $45 plus tip. If the two of us were not eating fast food, after that the two of us were not saving money.

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