Exploring cannabis options

I am a longtime cannabis enthusiast.

I was smoking weed way before it was legalized in Colorado.

When the state finally passed legislation to decriminalize the purchase and possession of recreational marijuana in 2012, I was delighted. Rather than purchasing questionable quality and having very little say in the type of bud, I can now verify where the cannabis was grown, when it was harvested and the exact percentages of THC. I can choose from a variety of brands, strains and terpenes. As a local of Denver, I have several dispensaries nearby. Some offer a bigger collection of cannabis products than others. Some grow their own brand of flower while one includes an on-site bakery, dab bar and vape lounge. One of the larger facilities features a cafe where I can purchase cannabis-infused beverages and edibles and hang out for a while. There is also an outdoor zen garden that is absolutely gorgeous and an ideal spot to simply relax and decompress. I work a rather stressful job and a demanding schedule. At the end of the day, I need a way to unwind, mellow out and shed the stress. I appreciate the ability to light up a joint, vape, dab, place a few drops of a tincture under my tongue or enjoy a tasty cannabis-infused treat. While smoking traditional flower is still my preferred consumption method, I’ve enjoyed broadening my horizons and exploring the benefits of more modern options. The simplicity of vapes can be especially convenient. Tinctures fit right into my pocket and include a dropper for dosing. Edibles supply delayed but long-lasting and more intense effects. Topicals are amazing for treating aches, pains and skin issues.


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