I enjoyed our visit to Albuquerque very much

Albuquerque is the single largest of cities in the state of New Mexico.

It is right in the middle of the high desert area.

Albuquerque is a very culturally diverse place with a lot of history and landmarks. My wife and I decided to visit Albuquerque a couple of months ago. We went during the winter months, because we were already on that side of the country. We travel in our RV. We haven’t spent any time in Albuquerque, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to check it out. It was uncommonly cold while we were there and we had a couple of problems with our furnace. I called a place that handles furnace problems and the person on the phone wanted a heap of money to help us with the RV furnace problems. I was afraid something like this would happen if the weather was cold, because we had a few issues with the AC and the furnace last year. When I found out how much the fees were going to be for the Albuquerque furnace repair service, I almost lost my mind. I knew we had to pay someone to fix the problem, because I tried and was unsuccessful. We found the repair service with the best rates and reviews and that’s who we decided to call. That company offered mobile service to the RV Resort. That guy was friendly and he found the problem within an hour. There was a wiring issue with the furnace and it was relatively easy to fix. Unfortunately, because I did not know what to look for, I was unable to figure out the problem on my own.


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