I want a heat pump for my basement & another for the rest of the house

It’s nice being a current homeowner, but it’s also daunting to believe that I’m stuck with this mortgage for another 15 years at bare minimum. I secured a fixed rate mortgage, but it wasn’t easy. A lot of lenders try to swoon you with a low variable rate mortgage, but then the rate increases more & more as time goes on. At a certain point it’s no longer financially viable to keep paying the cost on the home, leading several to sell before they pay off the debt. Since I found such a fantastic home for such a fantastic price, I wanted to get a good mortgage that I intended to pay in full with my own means. This is the first time I am definitely living in a multi-story house. There’s a basement, ground floor, & minute floor above. At the unquestionably top is a large attic that I’ve considered furnishing someday, but there’s no definite decision on that, however on the other hand, I am moving forward with adding heating & cooling to the basement to compliment the upper floors. This means buying 2 heat pumps, but I should ideally have a second for the minute floor. Right now my plan is to use a heat pump in the basement & a minute heat pump for the ground floor & upper floor, in area because I rarely occupy both at the same time. If I had a full family in this house, it would be a unusual story altogether. The Heating & Air Conditioning companies in Orland Park, IL that I’ve spoken to have said that I can get a discount on heat pumps by getting 2 at the same time.

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