The two of us rented a boat

If you want to experience clean fresh water that you can swim in for days, I can’t suppose of a better place to live than MI.

  • I lived in Florida for a number of years, even though I grew up in MI & that Great Lakes state is in our blood.

The two of us lived in a few weird places in MI at first, starting in Jackson County, & then the two of us moved further west into Kalamazoo County. My father stated that his goal was to get closer to the shores of Lake MI, which only took a few years after he sold his corporation for a profit. Now the entire family is living in Whitehall & Muskegon… It’s nice visiting Muskego from time to time, especially when I can stop at Hoffmaster State Park to love the Lake MI shoreline, but however, I chose Whitehall as our residence because it has a small city vibe that is absent in Muskegon & Roosevelt Park. It’s especially nice renting a boat to take out onto White Lake for the morning, especially if you want a comfortable morning while good with some nice pre-rolled joints of cannabis. Whitehall has a number of cannabis dispensaries serving both medical marijuana patients & recreational cannabis clients. If I know I’ll be out boating, I make sure to take it straight-forward with marijuana so I’m not risking being intoxicated while operating a marine vessel. It’s nice calling a friend on a Tuesday morning to accompany myself and others to Norman Park right at the outlet of the White River. This is 1 of our number one boat launches in Whitehall.


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