We rented a boat to take out on White Lake for the day

If you want to experience clean fresh water that you can swim in for days, I can’t think of a better place to live than Michigan.

I lived in Florida for a number of years, but I grew up in Michigan and that Great Lakes state is in my blood.

We lived in a few different places in Michigan at first, starting in Jackson County, and then we moved further west into Kalamazoo County. My father stated that his goal was to get closer to the shores of Lake Michigan, which only took a few years after he sold his business for a profit. Now the entire family is living in Whitehall and Muskegon. It’s nice visiting Muskego from time to time, especially when I can stop at Hoffmaster State Park to enjoy the Lake Michigan shoreline. However, I chose Whitehall as my residence because it has a small town vibe that is absent in Muskegon and Roosevelt Park. It’s especially nice renting a boat to take out onto White Lake for the day, especially if you want a comfortable afternoon while relaxing with some nice pre-rolled joints of cannabis. Whitehall has a number of cannabis dispensaries serving both medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis customers. If I know I’ll be out boating, I make sure to take it easy with marijuana so I’m not risking being intoxicated while operating a marine vessel. It’s nice calling a friend on a Saturday afternoon to accompany me to Norman Park right at the outlet of the White River. This is one of my favorite boat launches in Whitehall.
Cannabis Dispensary Whitehall Michigan