I'm making sure I save money on tax

In Denver, all recreational marijuana sales are subject to harshly high taxes, and there is a 15% retail sales tax on all marijuana products bought in the dispensary… In addition to the sales tax, there is also a general tax, special tax, and an excise tax, then each marijuana purchase is subject to more than 30% in Denver neighborhood taxes.

The only way to save on the tax is to have a state-issued medical marijuana card.

In Denver, medical marijuana purchases are not subject to the same taxes as recreational marijuana purchases. I was spending a fortune on recreational marijuana supplies and the taxes were killing me. I went to my primary care physician and I spoke with the person about medical marijuana; She told me that it would certainly help a great deal for me and the doctor offered to write me a medical recommendation. After that, I went to a dispensary in Denver to purchase medical marijuana products. I only had to pay sales tax and none of the other extra taxes. The first time I bought medical marijuana in Denver, I saved almost $60 in taxes. I use that money to buy extra medical marijuana items. As long as I am getting a discount, I can freely medicate with marijuana. If I’m not getting a discount, I have to be certainly careful with my expenditures so I don’t run out of money throughout the week. I have to consistently worry about my income, because I live paycheck to paycheck. I don’t have any credit cards. If I run out of money, I am stuck.


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