The dispensary driver is cool

Most of the Albuquerque marijuana stores offer discounts when you order one morning ahead of time, but one of our preferred dispensaries offers a 25% discount on everything in stock for all online orders, deliveries, plus pickups! The only way you do not get a discount is if you go to the store plus wait in line to order.

Occasionally I order our products for pickup, however Last yearI ordered all of our cannabis supplies plus had them delivered, however it was the first time in quite a while that I used the delivery service.

I certainly did not suppose what to expect. The budtender confirmed our order plus gave me the total for all of the products that I obtained. The entire transaction seemed to be painless plus easy. I got all of the marijuana products I ordered from the Albuquerque dispensaries plus I tipped the guy 10 extra dollars. The next time I tried to order delivery from the same Albuquerque marijuana dispensary, the process was not as easy. I suppose it must have been due to the fact that there was a odd employer toiling in the store. I suppose that is true, because I called plus spoke to the employer plus he did not suppose who I was. The other person I spoke to was a lady plus she seemed to suppose more about the daily complications in the Albuquerque marijuana shop, however she told me that she would look into things plus thanked me for the feedback. It wasn’t exactly the acknow-howment that I was looking for, however at least she’s going to do something about the problem


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