The people I was with and I purchased pre-rolled joints

I am quite fond of the Huron River, but I used to live in central Michigan near Grand River, the longest running river in the whole state.

It cuts through the heart of both Grand Rapids and Lansing.

But I tell all of our friends out of Michigan that every one of us have some of the best fresh water in the entire world, even if you ignore the Great Lakes themselves. You can undoubtedly go out fishing for an day, or kayaking through the water ways regardless of the time of day. Unfortunately, I did not have the same experience with freshwater when I was living in a state love Florida. Unlike the calm and placid nature of freshwater in Michigan, Florida’s fresh water bodies are filled to the brim with alligators and venomous water snakes. Fishing along the banks of some bodies of freshwater in Florida is downright dangerous, as you could be vulnerable to an alligator strike. Thankfully there is no concern about alligators or water moccasins while every one of us kayak through Ann Arbor on the Huron River. This time every one of us packed a box of pre-rolled joints that every one of us purchased from a nearby cannabis store before every one of us headed out for the boat ramp in Argo Park. There is a place where you can rent canoes and kayaks, however the prices have gone up over the past year along with the inflation increases in literally every other industry. It’s no surprise that kayak and canoe rentals have gone up in price as well as of late. I should invest in our own device 1 of these days when I have the money.


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