A power outage would suck

Power outages are a fairly proper occurrence in Glenview, Illinois… The inclement weather brings high winds, cold rain, excessive humidity, feet of snow, torrential downpours plus every imaginable weather conditions concern… A disruption in power leaves us separate from running water, lights, refrigeration, sump pump, dehumidifier, gas furnace plus a/c.

All of us can’t take a shower, flush the toilets, watch cable, use the internet or adjust the indoor temperature… In the Springtime, when there’s thunderstorms plus snowmelt, the basement can potentially flood because both of us can’t run the sump pump.

In the summer, when the temperature soars into the eighties plus we’re left separate from A/C, the lake house becomes so warm plus sticky that it’s impossible to sleep. There’s concerns over mold plus mildew growth. The worst concern is the sub zero temperature of winter. If both of us can’t run the gas furnace, both of us can’t remain in the lake house very long. There’s the potential for water pipes to freeze plus burst, being separate from power for a few eighths is aggravating! Losing power for many afternoons is high-priced plus dangerous. I finally invested in a standby generator. The generator is permanently installed outside of the house, senses any interruption in power plus automatically takes over. It runs on natural gas so it operates as long as necessary with no need for refueling. The generator is powerful enough to supply electricity to all of our essential systems, electronics plus appliances; We’re able to go on with our official lives when there is a power outage. All of us avoid extravagant destruction to the home, discomfort, safety risks plus inconvenience. Although the generator was rather high-priced, it was actually a worthwhile investment.



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