The call came in just before six

I was entirely shocked and a little surprised by the guy’s behavior

A shopper contacted the Phoenix Heating & Air Conditioning repair contractor and I was the person routing calls at the time, but the shopper told myself and others that she was having trouble with the Heating & Air Conditioning component in her home, however her residence was only a few hours away from the business, but it was technically 6 and I was supposed to charge her and after our service fee! Since the call technically came in before 6, I told the shopper that I would send an Heating & Air Conditioning repair serviceman to her Phoenix city to help… My boss saw the bill for the repair the next afternoon and he wanted to know why I did not charge the shopper before and after our service; I told our boss the story about the time and the fact that she technically contacted the contractor before 6 pm. My boss acted like I was trying to steal from the business. He asked myself and others if I knew the person and he wanted to know if I gave out any other discounts since I have been working at the Phoenix Heating & Air Conditioning service provider. I was entirely shocked and a little surprised by the guy’s behavior. The shopper had nothing but enjoyable things to say about the service and the two of us gained a new shopper that will genuinely call us back when they have problems with the heating and cooling system, even after the full explanation, our boss still acted crappy about the $75 after hour service fee. I assume I made the right call, even if I got some flack from the boss. That shopper will entirely call us again.

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